100 Club

April draw

The April draw was held a couple of weeks ago, witnessed by Leigh Dickinson and Heather Murphy.

Apologies for the delay in updating you all on this as the month of May has been increasingly frenetic and I’ve just forgotten to publish this information.

With 65 entrants now in the draw, I am delighted to announce that the winners were as follows :-

1st prize – £82.50 (25%) – No 1053 – Gary Neville

2nd prize – £49.50 (15%) – No 1057 – Barbara Butterworth

3rd prize – £33.00 (10%) – No 1029 – Phil Lloyd

Gary has kindly donated his prize back to the club.

May’s draw will be held in the first week of June.

We currently have 65 members in the GCC 100 Club and it would be fantastic to get it up to 100 and even beyond.

The 100 Club only costs £5 a month and if you wish to support the club in this way please contact chairman Rob Kilvington at [email protected] and he will forward details of how to join.

Also remember that you DO NOT have to be a member to join the GCC 100 Club, so family and friends are more than welcome.