Covid plans from Monday, 19th July

With Covid rates continuing to increase across Greater Manchester and the UK as a whole, at Greenmount Cricket Club we don’t feel we are ready to cast aside all the protocols and processes that we have introduced over the last 13 months since we re-opened in July last year. We will therefore open from Monday 19th July under the following protocols and procedures :-

  • As staff will continue to be the main movers between rooms within the clubhouse, they will continue to wear masks when inside the clubhouse.
  • While we cannot mandate it, it would be very much appreciated if members and visitors could continue to wear masks when moving around the clubhouse.
  • We will continue to supply a waiting on service as we are not only aware that members and visitors have really enjoyed this service, but some aren’t yet ready to go back to queuing at the bar for drinks.
  • While we will continue to supply a waiting on service, we will allow members and visitors to queue at the bar for drinks. It would be very much appreciated if masks were worn when queuing at the bar. We do request however that having bought drinks at the bar, members and visitors then drink their drinks away from the bar. Once again we feel it is a bit too early to go back to the days of people drinking at the bar, either while seated or standing.
  • The bars will have space set aside for waiting on staff to work from, alongside space for those members / visitors who wish to order from the bar themselves.
  • Hand sanitising units will remain on the walls within the clubhouse with dispensers remaining on the tables and we urge our staff, members and visitors to keep on making use of these; we think such units are probably here to stay and welcome their continued use.
  • The restrictions that have been in place in relation to toilets will no longer apply but please just be sensible in relation to numbers actually within the toilets.
  • Opening hours remain unchanged, ie
  • o 4pm to 11.30pm (last orders at 11pm) Monday to Friday
  • o Midday to 11.30pm (last orders at 11pm) Saturday
  • o Midday to 11pm (last orders at 10.30pm) Sunday
  • Monday to Thursday we will serve from the Members’ Bar and have the Members’ Bar / Pool Room open. We will only open the Function Room if required as an overflow.
  • Friday to Sunday we will have the function room open as well and have both bars open.
  • Members and visitors outside are welcome to continue to order from our waiting on staff or come inside to order from the bar. As noted above we would appreciate it if masks were worn when queuing at the bar.

If everyone is careful and respectful of our staff, fellow members and visitors to the club then I’m sure that we will all be able to enjoy the rest of the summer and the freedoms that the vaccine roll out have afforded us. We will continue to review the above protocols and procedures that we have in place.


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